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Set of 2 New U.S. Military Vehicle Delineator (MVD)

3M retroreflective sheetings, 20 cm x 20 cm (7.875" x 7.875"), self adhesive, no backing plate

NSN 9390-01-382-8308


Designed to mark each rear corner of military vehicle, trucks, trailers and more.

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a. The MVD is a type 3900G diamond-shaped, prismatic-lens, retroreflective sheeting that makes vehicles conspicuous, both during the day and at night. This sheeting causes the lights from a following vehicle to reflect back to the trailing driver efficiently. This allows the rear motorist to clearly delineate the boundaries of the vehicle in front.

b. Since red is the universal color for danger, the normal driver reaction is to drive either to the left or right, rather than straight ahead. This tendency is reinforced by the arrow shape of the red design, which points the following driver away from the center of the military vehicle. Yellow, the caution color, is used to contrast with the red and catch the following driver’s attention well in advance.

Specific placement locations for the more common Army tactical vehicles are shown in figure I-1.

a. Two MVDs must be mounted on the rear of each vehicle, as close to the outside corners as possible, with the red portion to the inside, preferably within 6.5 feet (ft) (2 meters (m)) above the ground. The absence of fenders may require mounting the MVD on the back of the cab. Mudflap mounting is possible only with the use of plate-mounted MVDs and bolts.

b. MVDs that adhere directly to vehicle surfaces may not be removed for repositioning. The vehicle surface where the MVDs are to be affixed must be clean and dry and free of any surface contaminants (such as grease or oil).

c. Plate-mounted MVDs can be affixed to vehicle surfaces by using sheet-metal screws, bolts, or rivets. Nylon washers should be used to prevent damage to the sheeting.

d. If quick removability is needed, type SJ3531 dual-lock 400 fasteners can be used to secure the plates to the vehicles. These fasteners have an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for adherence to surfaces treated with military polyeurethene paint. The SJ3531 dual-lock 400s must be affixed to a vehicle surface that is clean, dry, and free of surface contaminants (such as oil or grease).


Delineators and other vehicle reflective systems must be cleaned with clear water before vehicles depart an installation or encampment. Vehicle maintenance rest-stop instructions to drivers of tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles must include a requirement to wipe dirt and mud from delineators and other lighting and reflective devices.

MVD Description and Mounting Instructions

1. Apply MVDs to the rear of the vehicle only.

2. When viewing the vehicle or trailer from the rear, choose mounting locations no more than 6.5 ft (2 m) from the ground, as close as possible to the outside edges of the vehicle, and as vertical as possible.

3. When viewed from the rear, the outside corner of the yellow reflective portion of the MVD always points down and outward, as shown below.

4. The standard (large) MVD size is 15.75-in square. When it is impossible to apply MVDs that size, 7.87-in (small) square decals or plates may be used.

Military Vehicle Delineator MVD

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